Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pressure cooker in action

This was a picture i clicked in my mom's kitchen, a couple of months ago. The colour photo has very little difference from its black and white counterpart. Its just the wall that has colour, a reddish brown granite. The pressure cooker and the frying pan themselves are made of white aluminium and black plastic. (This was cooking in that frying pan on that day). As far as i know, mom has been using these utensils for everyday cooking for more than two decades. They don't make them like that anymore is what i hear these days with both mom and mother-in-law still using kitchen utensils and appliances from when they got married and first started cooking. Now-a-days, the husband and i expect our kitchen utensils to last about two years and appliances to last some five years. Half of my frying pans have already lost their handles, and its just about two years since purchase.
I have missed Black and White Wednesdays the last few weeks and i am happy to be back.


  1. I cant live without my pressure cooker,beautiful capture..

  2. Lovely thoughts. They indeed do not make them like that anymore.
    I love this photo. Captures the essence of the Indian kitchen. The familiarity captured in this photograph is so reassuring.

  3. Trusty old aluminium pressure cookers! Just ate out of a huge one today!

  4. I agree about the handles and the vessels. These old warhorses still last.

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  6. Thank you Magi. I probably would be hooked to your website if i were living in Australia.


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