Friday, 18 April 2014

My first party with homemade snacks

We don't get many visitors at my home. When they do come, they don't stay long. When they do stay its usually unplanned and with no time to cook a meal at home. We'd suddenly realise it was dinner time and order some biryanis. And this was never for more than four people. You can now safely assume that i don't have much experience in entertaining people at my home. You can also probably imagine how tensed i was when i had to host a pre-planned snacks party for eight and it was expected that whatever was served would be made by me.

And i cooked up a feast, by my standards, even if just a feast of snacks and predominantly sweet ones at that. Some of these dishes i had tested before for the blog: like these awesome chocolate brownies (i still get high praise that they are better than bakery bought ones), this fresh pineapple upside down cake (upon request), and this fresh mint icecream with chocolate chips added this time. I made baked samosas simply shaping some of them like empanadas and hope to do a full post soon. And i made a localised version of mango cheesecake that came out as the perfect centerpiece. We had store bought potato chips and some milk sweets that my kid sister sent over. Everybody said the food was great and i would like to believe that, though my perfectionist self will wonder if they were just being polite. Still it was great to have friends over and to cook for them. Can't wait to do it again.


  1. Congratulations! It looks good and it was a big effort.
    What is the yellow cake?

    1. Thanks Sra. I was flush with satisfaction at the end of the party :)
      The yellow cake is a mango cheesecake made with paneer. It got the most attention and got me most praise. Will do a recipe post for it soon.

  2. Congratulations. Doesn't it feel good when you make something for your guests? That mango cheesecake is all for me.


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