Friday, 1 July 2011

Unripe almonds on tree

Does that sound like an exotic recipe name? Well, I am actually talking about an almond tree i spotted the other day and couldn't stop clicking at. Now having downloaded the pics onto my computer only hours ago, i wanted to post them here right away. 
Little kids were pelting stones at the tree to get the occasional ripe fruit to fall down. While i was looking at them, one of them came forward and offered to climb the tree and pluck the fruits right out with a higher percentage of success, and the other kids gladly agreed. That kid is on the tree in this below pic and already climbed quite high. Can you spot the kid on the tree in this pic? One foot is clearly visible and the rest of the person is camouflaged behind the large leaves of the tree. You can zoom in on the picture for a better view.

And can you count how many green and purple almonds there are on this tree - within the below picture that is. 
I spent a few minutes counting. My count was 29. Just for fun, let me know your count too - do you match me or beat me? Waiting to hear your comments.
Happy Weekend! :-)


  1. my count was 27 only.missed something,

  2. got 28, gotta look really closely


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